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Colorado Center Community Room,

2500 Broadway, Santa Monica

The Colorado Center is the same as the Yahoo Community Center. Only the name has changed. Again.

The Colorado Center Community Room is in the city of Santa Monica, near Colorado Blvd. and Cloverfield.

Coming from the 10 Santa Monica Freeway, use the Cloverfield exit.

The Colorado Center is a series of office and commercial buildings between Broadway on the north, Colorado on the south, 26th Ave. on the east, and Cloverfield on the west. It is across Cloverfield from the Santa Monica office of the DMV.

Street parking is free on Sunday, and is generally available on Broadway.

The Community Room is actually in the 2500 Broadway building to the north. The door to the room is on the outside, at street level, and not far from the turnoff on Broadway.

I should have a free-standing HALA sign ready by the time of  meeting.

The entrances to the parking structure, however, are on Colorado, to the south. The Center has requested we park on level P1. No validations are needed on Sundays. Community Room users are requested to park on the P-1 (top) level of the Colorado Center garage (between 2501 and 2525 Colorado Avenue elevator lobbies). Please avoid parking in reserved spaces.

If you park underground, you will have to come up to the ground level, the plaza. There is an open stairway from the parking area to the plaza near the middle of all the buildings. You should see a giant jar or pitcher, an interesting bit of industrial art. Also, if you can't take the stairs, go to the elevator of the 2501 Colorado building, which is one of the south buildings in the middle, and you can take an elevator to the plaza.

Once on the plaza, go towards the north -- away from the parking openings. There are a number of maps of the complex set up on markers on the grounds itself. On each map, the Community Room is designated in 2500 Broadway

A turn-in is provided off of Broadway Avenue next to the Community Room for drop-offs..

Bus users: The facility is two blocks south of Santa Monica Boulevard. The Santa Monica Big Blue Bus routes 1 and 10 stop at 26th street. Route 5 stops directly at the Colorado Center on Colorado Avenue. MTA also runs buses on Santa Monica. Go through the complex to the 2500 Broadway building on the opposite side. This Blue Bus route 5 starts at Rimpau center, and goes along Olympic Boulevard for a distance before switching to Colorado.

To contact Yahoo Center for scheduling a meeting, call Manny Herrera, (310) 526-2207. If that gives no result, try Equity Offices national line, (877) 367-0015. Email to The person making the reservation changes from time to time, so it may be necessary to try the national line.

To open the room at the time of reservation, you can call Equity Offices Security (local) at 310-453-0333.