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"Alone Together on Planet Earth"

The Humanist Association of Los Angeles serves Humanists and the public in the Southern California area, holding educational meetings open to the public, and discussing science, democracy, separation of church and state, and vital public issues.

We usually hold one or more meetings each month, free and open to the public:

Humanist groups also exist in Orange County, San Diego, Ventura County and Santa Barbara. Our members also participate with CFIWest, Atheists United or the Skeptics Society in Pasadena. See our list of Southern California Freethought Groups.

We are a chapter of the American Humanist Association, the national organization that has united Humanists since 1941, and the publisher of The Humanist magazine.

For a few short statements about Humanism, see What is Humanism, Humanists on Humanism, and Humanism, A Joyous Alternative to Religion on this site, and our parent organization, the AHA.

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